About Us

20 years of experience

Over the course of more than 20 years, Nablez Company has been able to make a brilliant name in the world of construction and contracting. It is a company classified in the Public Tender Committee with an A rating in the municipality Since the concepts of quality and excellence have become defined by its performance, the company has been able to put itself at the forefront among the leading companies in this field by merging great skills with the accuracy of innovation, good work and great experience that many projects in our beloved country. Since the establishment of the first building block, the company has taken a pledge to abide by the principles, regulations and general laws in our country in all the works based on them according to high standards to contribute to spreading a bright civilized image of the State of Kuwait and its people. Today, the company is looking forward with great interest to continuing the journey of growth and expansion without losing sight of its duties and obligations, in order to take in new tools to contribute to advancing local development, meet the desires of its customers, and keep pace with the latest technologies and developments in the field of construction and contracting.

Our vision & Mission

Nablez pays unparalleled interest in embracing the principles of commitment and innovation in the completion of its projects for its valued clients, as the company aspires to continue the high levels provided by the company’s crews, which enabled it to achieve positive results for construction projects related to our clients. The company aspires to achieve exceptional results by providing promising career paths and achieving rewarding returns for the services and value it provides.

With all our experienced crews and strenuous efforts, the company aspires to enhance its high position in the field of engineering and construction and to become the most comprehensive and sought after institution to provide high-end and professional services to be the pioneer in this field in our great country. The company is proud to have a distinguished group of craftsmen and engineers with experience in all aspects of construction, construction, marketing and valuation of real estate and buildings. The company also intends to continue harnessing the best technologies and capabilities to develop its technical and administrative capabilities.

CEO's Message

Dr. Omar Laffy El-Shlal is a businessman, real estate owner and real estate dealer working in real estate investment, construction and real estate development.  And the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nablez International Company for General Trading and Contracting – owns many contracting and construction projects and works with every effort to become one of the leading contracting companies in Kuwait and is supervised by a specialized professional cadres of executive engineers, contractors and construction workers.  He started working in the field of real estate from 2003 until now – he has gone through all stages of gradual investment, starting from entering as an investor and buying real estate shares until owning and buying and selling real estate until now. Also he owns existing and vital projects, and he owned projects that were invested in and sold by . Dr. Omar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Master’s degree in Tax Accounting. Besides holding many certificates and training courses, including ICDL, Certified Zakat Accountant, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, Certified Project Management Analyst, the American Professional Associate Certificate for a Certified Internal Auditor, and all the certificates granted by the Kuwait Accountants and Auditors Association.

As one of the most prominent activists in the field of real estate investment, Dr. Omar participated in attending many real estate exhibitions, forums and conferences at the Arab and international levels, the most prominent of which are:

  • An invitation from “TECOM” Investments Group, the leading developer of specialized business parks in Dubai.
  • An invitation from the Emirati Damac Real Estate Company to attend the luxury real estate exhibition, which was held in the Chinese capital, Beijing, at the Wanda Vista Hotel, Beijing.
  • Attending the Guangzhou City Exhibition in China for contracting and building materials as a real estate developer.
  • Attending the Moroccan real estate exhibition “SMAP EMO” in its sixteenth edition in Paris.
  • An invitation from “Douglas Alleman” real estate brokerage to attend the International Real Estate Exhibition in New York City, as a Gulf real estate developer in its version in Manhattan.
  • Attending the Dubai Real Estate Exhibition in London in its third edition, along with many real estate development companies, real estate brokerage agencies and legal consultancy offices.
  • Next Move Exhibition for Investment and Real Estate Finance at the Cairo International Convention Center in cooperation with Cityscape International.
  • The 12th Real Estate Exhibition in Istanbul, with the participation of 500 investors from the Gulf countries, with the purpose of owning real estate in Turkey.
  • Participation in a symposium and conference on the path of Arab investments in Turkey, with the participation of 1,500 Arab and Turkish businessmen and the attendance of 200 Turkish companies

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

 Nablez International believes in the importance of a safe and healthy workplace that ensures safety and security requirements for workers and communities that may be affected during the implementation of our projects and services. It is aware of the need to provide and implement a strong and effective program for environmental health and safety as one of the keys to success and continuous development. The company also takes into consideration the safety and welfare of employees, customers, contractors and the communities in which we live, as the company distances itself from directing or encouraging any person to expose himself or others to any risks that are not subject to supervision and inform the company to achieve the goals and requirements of the work. The company’s management also calls on all its employees to adopt these values ​​and principles and always  motivate them to innovate and maintain a culture of a 100% safe work environment. This call clearly shows the management’s commitment to set an example for this, by doing its best role in communicating with all crews and members of the company to ensure their compliance with its policies and procedures related to occupational health and safety.

our core values

Customers Satisfaction​

We dedicate all our efforts to be close to our customers, to listen to them and learn about their aspirations to make sure that we achieve their goals and exceed their expectations.


We are fully aware that the achievements we have achieved over the past years were the result of the excellence and professionalism of our staff, so we always strive to provide a stimulating work environment that is open to development and accepts new innovative ideas.


We pay great attention to every promise we take on ourselves, every work we undertake with us proceeds according to clear procedures and absolute commitment to the Code of Professional Conduct, company policies, requirements of law, and local rules and regulations.

Professionalism and Reliability

All operations carried out by Naples Company in all cases are subject to the laws, regulations and principles recognized in the Arabian Gulf, and we keep our clients informed of all the progress and stages of the project while pledging to abide by the principles of honesty and clarity with them in the midst of work.


Committed to our promises and fulfilling them to our customers, it is the motivation to work hard and diligently to excel in our results in a highly competitive environment. We support our employees and invest in them and provide them with the necessary training constantly to support our work environments with all that is useful and positive to be an attractive environment to attract distinguished talents, which enhances the confidence of our customers in us.

Timely completion

We promise our clients to complete all projects within the time schedule agreed with them. We harness the best technologies and tools needed to ensure that projects work and are delivered on time and in the right way.

Great experiences

For more than 20 years, Naples Company has provided contracting and construction work for a wide range of construction projects in the State of Kuwait. Therefore, our company promises its clients to work according to the highest ethical professional standards, and to offer them what it considers to be the best for them and to accomplish its work and services in accordance with the principles dictated by it. and public policies at all costs.

Our team

The Board of Directors had a fundamental role in drawing broad lines and establishing broad relations in the Kuwaiti market, as its main task is to develop plans and strategies that would lead to the growth and advancement of the company and increase its returns. The years of long experience and insightful vision enjoyed by the Board of Directors enabled the company to draw a strategy for success and progress over the years and long projects in the field of construction and real estate in the State of Kuwait.

Dr.Omar Lafy El-Shlal


Dr.Badr Lafy El-Shlal


Mr.Khaled Rashed AlMotary


Mr.Mohamed Othman

Accountant - Projects manager