Real estate development

Nables international company is distinguished by providing a comprehensive and integrated approach in the field of real estate development, covering all stages of the project from the foundation stone to delivery.

Real estate marketing

Nables international believes that experience, leadership and creativity are the basis for success in the field of real estate marketing.
If you are looking for reliable real estate buying, selling and investment opportunities.

Legal consultancy

Providing legal and Real Estate Consulting is an essential part of our services at nables International, where we provide updated information, continuous Financial Studies and legal clarifications that our clients need in the field of real estate marketing.

Real estate investment

We offer our clients the opportunity to achieve the highest returns from investment while minimizing risks to the lowest possible level.


About us?

For more than two decades, nables has successfully established a unique career path spanning the fields of contracting and investments, with its unwavering focus on achieving tangible achievements. The company is characterized by a strong foundation based on innovation and leadership in this developing sector. Through its diverse and rich experiences, the company has been able to continuously enhance its capabilities in the field of implementing contracting and construction projects, while investing great efforts and determination. This professional performance in the implementation of projects came as it should, which gave it wide recognition and recognition at the local level, thanks to its tremendous ability and unwavering commitment to quality policies and standards. 

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Vision and mission

Nables international company attaches utmost importance to adopting the principles of commitment and innovation in the implementation of its unique projects, as the company seeks to maintain the levels of excellence shown by its teams, which contributed to achieving positive results in the construction projects of its clients. The company aims to achieve exceptional results by providing exciting career paths and achieve profitable returns by providing superior services and unique value. The company strives with all its efforts and its distinguished teams to strengthen its high position in the field of engineering and construction, and aspires to become the leading and most distinguished company in this field in our dear country. The company is proud to assemble a team of highly experienced craftsmen and engineers in various aspects of construction, marketing and real estate valuation. In addition, the company intends to continue using the latest technologies and capabilities to enhance its technical and managerial capabilities.ِ


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