Twenty years of experience

For more than twenty years, nables has been able to build an excellent reputation in the construction and contracting industry. The company is considered one of the leaders in this field, as it has an A-rating in the municipality and is part of the public tender committee. The company’s reputation is based on its strong commitment to the concepts of quality and excellence, and this has placed it at the forefront of leading companies in this field. The company has managed to integrate innovation, outstanding performance and extensive experience in its many achievements in Kuwait. Since its first establishment, the company has pledged to adhere to the general principles and laws of the country, focusing on achieving the highest standards in all its business. Today the company aims to continue the journey of growth and expansion, with unwavering commitment to its duties and new challenges. The company seeks to adopt new tools to promote local development and meet customer requirements, and keep abreast of the latest technologies and developments in the construction and contracting industry.
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Vision and mission

Nables international company attaches utmost importance to adopting the principles of commitment and innovation in the implementation of its unique projects, as the company seeks to maintain the levels of excellence shown by its teams, which contributed to achieving positive results in the construction projects of its clients. The company aims to achieve exceptional results by providing exciting career paths and achieve profitable returns by providing superior services and unique value.
The company strives with all its efforts and its distinguished teams to strengthen its high position in the field of engineering and construction, and aspires to become the leading and most distinguished company in this field in our dear country. The company is proud to assemble a team of highly experienced craftsmen and engineers in various aspects of construction, marketing and real estate valuation. In addition, the company intends to continue using the latest technologies and capabilities to enhance its technical and managerial capabilities.


The speech of Dr. Omar Lavi Al-Shalal

Dr. Omar Lafi Al-Shalal is a prominent businessman, owner and real estate trader working in the field of construction, investment and real estate development and holds the position of chairman of the board of Directors of nabils International General Trading and contracting company. Dr. Omar has extensive experience of working in the field of real estate in all its forms, which includes real estate development, real estate marketing, real estate consulting, real estate valuation and valuation, and real estate market studies and research. He has been included in his career in the field of real estate and investment since 2003, starting from entering the real estate stock purchase market as an investor until owning, selling and buying real estate to continue his giving to this day, where his achievements and properties have extended to include many existing and vital construction projects.


Dr. Omar, as one of the most prominent activists in the field of real estate investment, participated in attending many exhibitions, forums and real estate conferences at the Arab and international levels, among the most prominent of those events:

An invitation from TECOM Investments group, the leading developer of specialized business parks in Dubai.

The twelfth real estate exhibition in Istanbul with the participation of 500 investors from the Gulf countries for the purpose of owning real estate in Turkey.

Attending the Quanzhou City exhibition in China for contracting and building materials works as a real estate developer .

Attend the Moroccan real estate exhibition ”SMAP emo " in its sixteenth edition in Paris.

Participation in a seminar and conference on the path of Arab investments in Turkey with the participation of 1500 Arab and Turkish businessmen and the presence of 200 Turkish companies

Attending the Dubai real estate exhibition in London in its third edition, along with many real estate development companies, real estate brokerage agencies and legal consulting offices .

An invitation from Damac Properties to attend the luxury real estate exhibition, which was held in the Chinese capital, Beijing, at the Wanda Vista Beijing hotel.

Next move investment and real estate finance exhibition at Cairo International Convention Center in cooperation with Cityscape International Exhibition.

An invitation from Douglas Aleman real estate brokerage company to attend the international real estate exhibition in New York City as a Gulf real estate developer in its version located in Manhattan .


Occupational Health and safety policy

Nables believes in the importance of providing a safe and healthy work environment that ensures the safety of employees and communities affected by our projects and services. Therefore, the company considers the need to provide and implement a strong and effective environmental health and safety program as an essential part of its continued success and development. The company also places the safety and well-being of its employees, customers, contractors and the communities with which we do business as its top priority, and avoids any guidance or encouragement to anyone to expose himself or others to uncontrolled risks unknown to the company. The company’s Management urges all its employees to adopt these values and principles, and always encourages them to innovate and maintain a 100% safe work culture. This call is reflected in the actual commitment of management to set an example and an example for other employees and collaborators.
The company works to provide appropriate training and education to employees to enhance awareness and knowledge on Occupational Safety and health. It is based on the application of best practices in the field of Occupational Safety and health, and the provision of appropriate equipment and tools for personal protection. The company also conducts periodic risk assessments and implements precautionary measures to prevent accidents and damage.
The company is also promoting a culture of risk and incident reporting, encouraging employees to report any potential hazards or accidents that occur on the job site. The company takes prompt and effective measures to investigate incidents, analyze the causes and implement the necessary improvements to prevent similar problems in the future.


Our core values

Our team



The board of directors plays an essential role in drawing the outlines and establishing broad relationships in the Kuwaiti market, where its main task is to develop plans and strategies that will grow and raise the company and increase its revenues. The long years of experience and the insightful vision of the board of directors have enabled the company to draw a strategy for success and progress over many years and long projects in the field of construction and real estate in the state of Kuwait.


Our projects

What are we doing