Our Services

Real estate development

Nablez International offers an integrated and comprehensive approach to development covering all stages of the project until delivery with a team of specialized and experienced project management. We handle all real estate development operations from A to Z, which includes studying the market, determining the client’s needs, choosing the best distinguished and vital sites, determining the details of designs and areas of real estate products, and directly supervising all stages of construction and maintenance operations. We have one goal in mind, which is to estimate the value and capabilities of the property and reduce the risks associated with it, and we study and scrutinize all ideas from all sides in an optimal manner by following wise planning and conducting comprehensive feasibility studies, and we are distinguished by our commitment to project management according to the best standards in the industry while maintaining on the qualitative value of your project.

Real Estate Marketing

At Nablez International, we believe that experience, leadership and creativity are the essential ingredients for the success of the real estate marketing mix. If you are looking to seize the appropriate opportunities for buying, selling and investment operations, we provide you with all the expertise and information you need and the most reliable way to complete these operations. The concept of real estate marketing for us does not mean only selling, but it is the integrated package of whole services, starting from providing the best advice before making a purchase decision and extending to estimating the expected profit, supervising the division of plans, preparing advertising campaigns, and using social media channels for promotion. Nablez International has a professional team with special skills in reading the market well, examining real estate offers, and selecting the most powerful offers to promote. We measure our success by the extent of our customers’ satisfaction and their achievement of the profits they aspire to.

Real estate appraisal

Estimating the fair value of the property is the basis of success in this field, and we make sure that the value we provide to our clients depends on the market price, study, experience and good research in the real estate market. Through valuing the property, we estimate the physical value of the property at the present time, whether the incentive for real estate appraisal is purchase, sale or investment. The evaluation goes through several stages, starting with the field stage for determining prices in the environment surrounding the property and similar to it, passing through the stage of analysis, examination and evaluation until obtaining a full detailed report on the actual value of the property at the time of evaluation and its expected value in the future. From this standpoint, Nablez International Company has adopted international professional techniques in the real estate appraisal that ensure the process of evaluation service that is provided to our customers in the best possible way and save them effort and money.

Real estate consultancy

The real estate and legal advisory service is one of the most important services provided by Nablez International, for all it contains updated information, ongoing financial studies and legal clarifications that customers and buyers need to understand before making a decision to buy and own real estate. Our specialized legal team has extensive and long experience in dealing with various issues and real estate transactions and pays attention to providing all forms of legal support and advice that ensure clients obtain all necessary information and procedures before, during and after the sale, which guarantees them a successful investment experience and carry out purchase and sale operations in integrated, professional, reliable and secured manner.

Real estate market studies and research

Since the establishment of Nablez International, we have attached importance to conducting market research and studies, because of our belief that work in the real estate field must be carried out in an integrated manner and that decisions are taken in it based on analyzes and in-depth study of the market. We do this with complete realism within a framework and a scientific method that stems from the extensive experience, professionalism and reliability of our team, that enable us to provide with maintenance of research and information that contributes to highlighting the true image of the real estate sector, thus ensuring the right decisions are taken. Our team conducts research and analysis, which includes providing detailed reports on the real estate market, including real estate prices, supply and demand, and future trends of the real estate market, along with feasibility studies and identifying the best investment opportunities.

Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is one of the most profitable types of investments for all categories of clients, but it is one of the most complex real estate activities that interfere with many data and variables as well. Nablez International presents its distinguished services in real estate investment that form the best standards of safety and stability and offer its customers the opportunity to achieve the highest profits from investment while reducing risks to the lowest possible percentage, by providing the best suitable opportunities to invest in real estate. We manage real estate investments in an elegant manner dominated by dedication to providing service and innovation in developing appropriate investment solutions, which ensures the satisfaction of all our customers and emphasizes the quality of our services. Our team of professionals has a strong focus on the real estate investment business and offers a range of structured financing solutions for real estate development projects.

Nablez International Company owns an integrated medical center for one-day operations as one of the real estate investment and contracting projects. It was equipped with the highest medical and technological model with the latest medical devices and with a distinguished medical staff. It was built, finished and equipped under the supervision of the Nablez International Company, and it is currently an integrated medical edifice (Al-Sayyad Medical Center – District Salmiya – Bahrain Street – Block 6 – Building 17) – The company’s circulation in the real estate market and contracting business reached $100 million.

Engineering design and drawing service

Nablez provides design and engineering drawing services for architectural plans, approving them, and issuing the required licenses to complete construction procedures and implement plans to the fullest extent, under the supervision of an accredited engineering office.